Introduction of automated ship supply
9 June 2022
Introduction of automated ship supply

As part of the development of the Situational Logistics Center (SLC), the specialists of Oboronlogistics LLC in June 2022 began installing the upgraded Ship Applications software module for automated workstations on the company's ships.

The new module makes it possible to optimize the Company's business processes, promptly form and process applications for the supply of ships, speed up the stages of approval, increase control over the processes of technical and economic support of the vessel, as well as the safety of navigation.

Ship crews and employees of supply units have been trained to work with the new module.

In addition, based on the recommendations of the crew members, the functionality of the Dispatching Messages module, which is also part of the SLC software package, has been finalized. The operability tests of the new software using various types of communication, including satellite, have been successfully carried out.

The SLC is used by the Oboronlogistics Group of Companies to monitor the company's ships, cargo and container fleet, as well as to coordinate transport and logistics operations, manage transportation performed by its own and attracted fleet. In real time, the SLC allows you to display information about all stages of transportation.