New service: Containers to Kaliningrad!
22 June 2022
New service: Containers to Kaliningrad! LLC Oboronlogistika offers its customers a service for the delivery of goods in containers to Kaliningrad on the dry cargo ship Ursa Major, operating on the Ust-Luga - Baltiysk railway and ferry line.

After Lithuania imposed a ban on transit through its territory of Russian goods subject to sanctions, they can be delivered to Kaliningrad only by air and sea transport, including vessels operating on the Ust-Luga – Baltiysk line, operated by Oboronlogistics LLC.

Currently, 4 vessels are being transported on this line
(3 railway ferries and a cargo ship):

ferry Ambal (owner of LLC Oboronlogistics),

ferry Baltiysk (operator of LLC Oboronlogistics),

ferry Marshal Rokossovsky (cargo agent of LLC Oboronlogistics),

cargo ship Ursa Major (owner of LLC Oboronlogistics).

Seats on railway ferries are 100% reserved until the end of July 2022. However, the dry cargo ship Ursa Major has reserve capacities for container transportation and loading of rolling equipment.

Thanks to its design, Ursa Major is capable of transporting any type of general cargo, including containers and rolling equipment. The vessel's capacity is up to 500 containers and 30 eurofours.

Ursa Major vessel:

one of the largest container ships under the flag of the Russian Federation;
it is equipped with two cranes with a lifting capacity of 350 tons each, which positions it as a Heavy Lift Cargo Vessel;
develops a speed of 14 knots;
class RO-RO/LO-LO;
length – 142 m;
width – 23 m;
the draft is 7 m .

The ship's schedule assumes ship calls at least once a week to each of the seaports.

For the organization of container transportation on the line, please contact:

Tel.: +7 (499) 608-89-93 ext. #3358, #3371