We carry and still have reserves!
12 July 2022
We carry and still have reserves!

In June 2022 the Ust-Luga – Baltiysk railway ferry line, operated by Oboronlogistics LLC, continued stable operation and maintained high indicators in terms of the number of transported goods.

The ferries Ambal, Baltiysk and Marshal Rokossovsky delivered 1,175 wagons (64,076.15 tons of cargo) to Kaliningrad, including:
34,436 tons of fuel;
13,614.2 tons of cement;
4031 tons of fertilizers;
1,175 tons of food;
505 units of rolling stock (7331 tons);
as well as other goods necessary to ensure the vital activity of the Kaliningrad region.

Currently, all seats on the ferries are booked until August 15, 2022.

The universal cargo ship of Oboronlogistics LLC "Big Dipper", operating on the line in June 2022, transported:
296 units (5,997 tons) of equipment,
275 units (4,553 tons) of containers;
205 tons of general cargo.

Compared to May 2022, the number of containers transported on a bulk carrier has increased by 3 times. At the same time, there is a reserve for the transportation of containers, and places for rolling stock are reserved until the end of July 2022.

In July 2022, ferries began delivering cargo to the Kaliningrad Region, whose transit through Lithuania is limited.