Traffic volumes are growing
2 August 2022
Traffic volumes are growing

The Ust-Luga – Baltiysk railway ferry line, operated by Oboronlogistics LLC, continues its stable operation and increases the indicators for the number of transported goods.

In July 2022, the ferries Ambal, Baltiysk and Marshal Rokossovsky delivered 1,247 wagons (72,700 tons of cargo) to Kaliningrad, which is 8,624 tons more than in June 2022. Currently, all ferry seats are booked until mid-September 2022.

In July ferries transported:

Fuel – 36,420 tons;

Cement – 14,715 tons;

Fertilizers – 4 270 tons;

Food products – 1,400 tons;

Rolling equipment – 591 units (9,490 tons).

In addition, the universal bulk carrier of LLC Oboronlogistics Ursa Major involved on the line in July 2022 more than doubled the volume of traffic compared to June 2022, delivering 26,301 tons of cargo (10,758 tons were delivered in June). At the same time, the reserve for the transportation of containers remains, and places for rolling equipment are reserved until the end of August 2022.

In July Ursa Major transported:

Rolling equipment – 613 units (13,390 tons);

Containers – 845 units. (11,313 tons);

General cargo – 1,598 tons.