Pizhma is ready to perform new tasks
30 October 2020
Pizhma is ready to perform new tasks In September 2020, the ship Pizhma, which is part of the Oboronlogistics fleet, carried out repair and maintenance work in the dock of Novorossiysk ship repair plant JSC.

Repair of the propeller-steering system and maintenance of cargo crane control systems was performed, the hull was cleaned of fouling, the ship's hull was painted, work was done on bottom-intake fittings, and an interim survey of the ship's mechanisms was completed. The result of the work was the successful completion of mooring and sea trials by the ship.

In addition, the ship has received certificates of the ISM code (international code for safety management) and the MLC (Maritime labour Convention), which indicates that the ship complies with the Convention requirements for Maritime safety and Maritime labor standards.

In the near future, the Pizhma will start performing tasks related to the guaranteed provision of the needs of the Russian defense Ministry and commercial customers for cargo delivery.

Pizhma is certified for transportation of cargo of all hazard classes, including radioactive ones. The cargo ship has a deck for transporting containers and General cargo and two holds, one of which is intended for transporting nuclear fuel waste.

Two ship cranes (with a load capacity of 35 tons each) allow you to quickly carry out loading and unloading operations both in the port and on an unequipped shore or open roadstead.

At maximum load, the ship can carry up to 4,000 tons of General cargo, containers, and other property per voyage. The vessel has a displacement of 6,325 tons and a speed of 15 knots. Port of registry – port of Novorossiysk.