Oboronlogistics knows the route of each of its containers
29 April 2021
Oboronlogistics knows the route of each of its containers In order to optimize the loading of ships and the safety of cargo, Oboronlogistics actively uses its own container fleet, consisting of more than 1,500 containers of various types located in a number of regions of the Russian Federation and used in the interests of state and commercial customers.

When delivering cargo from the Military Construction Complex of the Russian Defense Ministry and commercial customers as part of the Northern Delivery to remote locations in the Arctic, the company uses 20-foot containers (including refrigerated containers for the safety of food cargo). Their dimensions facilitate the process of cargo delivery in the absence of infrastructure, changing ice conditions and unloading on an unequipped shore.

In the southern direction, the container fleet of Oboronlogistics LLC is concentrated in the Geoport of Novorossiysk and consists mainly of 20-and 40-foot universal containers used for the transportation of military and commercial cargo in the Middle East. The volume of container equipment is sufficient to ensure regular flights of large-capacity bulk carriers of Oboronlogistics to the Syrian Arab Republic and other regions.

For effective control over the movement of container equipment and accounting for its technical condition, a special software module has been developed as part of a single complex for managing all business processes of the company – the Oboronlogistics Situational Logistics Center.