Russian Railways online briefing at the Oboronlogistics SLC
1 June 2021
Russian Railways online briefing at the Oboronlogistics SLC

On May 27, 2021, employees of Oboronlogistics LLC using the capacities of the Situational Logistics Center (SLC) took part in the online briefing of JSC Russian Railways, where the new functionality of the services was presented. 

The company specialists were acquainted with the updated service of JSC Russian Railways "Client's Personal Account" (CPA) in the field of freight transportation. One of the innovations in CPA was the expansion of the functionality for entering data of the daily customer loading plan. New options were opened in the execution of powers of attorney and contracts, ordering various information certificates and invoices, as well as signing commercial acts.

Oboronlogistics LLC and Russian Railways are long-term partners and work under a direct contract, according to which Oboronlogistika provides Russian Railways with services for the sea transportation of wagons and their accompanying persons along the sea section of the Ust-Luga – Baltiysk, Baltiysk – Ust-Luga route in the interests of law enforcement ministries and departments. Working in this direction, Oboronlogistics LLC and Russian Railways combine their efforts to perform important state tasks on time, with guaranteed quality, and to provide a high level of service.

Oboronlogistics has extensive opportunities for organizing webinars and regularly conducts various training events, improving the professional level of employees. In the daily activities of the company, the SLC software and hardware are used to organize the delivery of goods to points in the Arctic, the Far Eastern region, in the southern direction, as well as to coordinate transport and logistics operations, manage its own and attracted fleet, record and control the movement of container equipment.