Sparta II is ready for new journeys!
18 February 2022
Sparta II is ready for new journeys!

The universal cargo ship Sparta II, which is a part of the fleet of Oboronlogistics LLC, in February 2022 passed the next scheduled classification survey.

This event is required for all types of water transport and is held every five years to confirm the class of the vessel, its serviceable technical condition and compliance with environmental safety requirements.

The hull of the vessel was also painted, the cranes and the main engine, mechanisms and systems of ship electrics and automation were overhauled. In accordance with the requirements for environmental safety of the IMO International Convention, a modern ballast water treatment system was installed on the Sparta II, which reduces the risks of environmental pollution and allows not to undergo additional procedures for replacing ballast water en route.

The universal cargo ship Sparta II of the RO-RO/LO-LO class can carry any types of cargo for various purposes. The vessel has holds, cargo decks for rolling equipment and decks for container placement.

The presence of ship cranes with a lifting capacity of 60 tons each and a stern cargo ramp allows cargo handling in a vertical and horizontal way. At maximum load, Sparta II can transfer more than 8,000 tons per flight.

In the near future, Sparta II is ready to start carrying commercial (including project) cargo in the waters of the Black, Mediterranean Seas and the Indian Ocean.