Walking across three seas
5 April 2022
Walking across three seas

In March 2022, the cargo ship of LLC Oboronlogistics Sparta IV delivered from the port of St. Petersburg to the port of Tuticorin in southeastern India a large-sized project cargo intended for the construction of nuclear power facilities.

The cargo ship Sparta IV specializes in the delivery of general, container and bulk cargo, and also carries out the transportation of goods requiring special conditions, including perishable products, dangerous goods, cars, heavy construction equipment and oversized cargo.

The vessel is equipped with two cargo cranes with a lifting capacity of 55 tons each, which allows for rapid cargo handling. Sparta IV has an Arc3 ice class, as well as all the necessary permits for international transportation in the interests of state and commercial customers.

Oboronlogistics has considerable experience in carrying out project transportation by sea and specializes in the delivery of such goods to the Arctic and Asia. This type of delivery is optimal for the transportation of heavy construction machinery and equipment, various metal structures, household blocks, agricultural machinery, pipes for drilling, wind turbines, etc.