Another delivery to Tartus
25 April 2022
Another delivery to Tartus

In April 2022, the cargo ship Sparta II, owned by Oboronlogistics, delivered from Novorossiysk to the Syrian port of Tartus a batch of commercial cargo intended for the restoration of the civil infrastructure of the Syrian Arab Republic.

In particular, at the port of Tartus arrived a batch of grain, industrial equipment, fuel and petroleum products. The deliveries are the result of the activities of Russian and Syrian companies within the framework of the implementation of intergovernmental agreements in the field of trade and economic cooperation between the two states.

Previously, Oboronlogistics delivered construction and lumber equipment for the repair and restoration of the oil and gas complex to Syria. In the opposite direction, light industry goods and agricultural products, including fruits and fertilizers, are coming from Syria.

Due to its design, the cargo ship Sparta II of the RO-RO/LO-LO class can carry any type of cargo for various purposes. The vessel has holds, cargo decks for rolling equipment and decks for container placement.

The presence of ship cranes with a lifting capacity of 60 tons each and a stern cargo ramp allows cargo handling in a vertical and horizontal way. At maximum load, it can transfer more than 8,000 tons per voyage.

In February 2022, the universal cargo ship Sparta II underwent another scheduled classification inspection, the hull was painted, the cranes and main engine, mechanisms and systems of ship electrics and automation were overhauled, a modern ballast water purification system was installed.