The first results of the year
27 April 2022
The first results of the year

Oboronlogistics Group of Companies summed up the preliminary results of the work for the first 4 months of 2022. The analysis of financial and economic activities showed that the company is steadily developing, optimizing some areas and increasing the volume of traffic on the others.

Sea transportation traditionally shows great positive dynamics. Almost one hundred percent loading and an increase in traffic volumes by 30% can be observed on the Ust-Luga - Baltiysk railway and ferry line. Since April 2022, four vessels have been operating on the line, three of which belong to Oboronlogistics (Ambal, Baltiysk and Ursa Major).

In addition, Oboronlogistics universal bulk carriers: Sparta II, Pizhma and Sparta IV are actively working in the "southern" direction, providing delivery of heavy and oversized cargo, including to India and China. The Novorossiysk – Tartus shipping line continues to operate. In April, the cargo ship Sparta II entered the line after scheduled repairs.

Specialists of Oboronlogistics note a significant increase in the number of applications for transportation. New prospects are opening up for the company's activities in the direction of friendly countries such as Syria, Iran, Turkey, Egypt. The company plans to open new shipping lines in the Mediterranean region and use the fleet of Oboronlogistics on the Northern Sea Route.

The company pays great attention to digitalization of transportation. For this purpose, the capacities of the Situational and Logistics Center of Oboronlogistics are involved, which uses both its own developments and software of Russian companies in its work. This guarantees safe operation in the face of sanctions and various restrictions from Western manufacturers.

In April 2022 The Government Commission for Improving the Sustainability of the Development of the Russian Economy in the face of sanctions has included Oboronlogistics LLC in the list of system-forming organizations of the Russian economy in the field of maritime cargo transport.

Oboronlogistics monitors the development of the geopolitical situation, follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, distributes the growing cargo traffic to the company's vessels in order to maximize the efficient and safe use of the transportation capabilities of its fleet in the interests of state and commercial customers of the Russian Federation.