New routes in the Mediterranean
5 May 2022
New routes in the Mediterranean

In May 2022, the cargo ship Pizhma, owned by Oboronlogistics, delivered a batch of commercial cargo intended for the construction of nuclear power facilities of the Arab Republic of Egypt from Novorossiysk to the Egyptian port of Alexandria. In total, about 3 thousand tons of general cargo, including metal structures and fittings, were delivered.

The universal cargo ship Pizhma is certified for the transportation of goods of all hazard classes. The vessel has a deck for containers, general and project cargo and two holds. At maximum load, the vessel can deliver over 4 thousand tons in one voyage. The displacement of the vessel is 6,325 tons, the speed is 15 knots.

Currently, Oboronlogistics is aimed at working in the direction of such friendly countries as Egypt, India, Iran, Syria, as well as Turkey, with which Russia is associated with the implementation of a number of joint projects in the field of energy and industrial construction. The company plans to open new shipping lines.

In 2018, the Government of the Russian Federation decided to establish a special procedure for the arrival and departure from the territory of the Russian Federation of cargo transported by ships of LLC Oboronlogistics within the framework of economic cooperation with interested states. This decision creates favorable conditions for the growth of cargo turnover and the volume of Russian traffic in the Mediterranean region.