Automated Logistic Information System for Air Transportation ("ALISA")
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ALISA (Automated Logistics Informational System of Air transportation) allows operators to create a flight plan, optimize costs, take into account all the risks on the route and coordinate the activities of all project participants on the airfields of loading and unloading.
The software allows to work with the system remotely through a browser or thin client. There is also a mobile application for freight forwarders accompanying the cargo.
  • Calculation of the route of cargo movement by different means of transport
  • Obtaining all the necessary approvals
  • Registration of cargo in the cargo terminal at the place of arrival with the use of airfield and transportation equipment
  • Implementation of risk management in air cargo management
  • Registration of full set of flight, customs and accounting documentation
Transportation of perishable, dangerous, oversized, heavy cargo.
Airshipment of goods to hard-to-reach areas
Passing delivery of goods

The tasks of the air transportation of dangerous and oversize cargo can be solved by a very limited class of the aircrafts. They are An-124 and IL-76.

  • IL-76 MD
    IL-76 MD
  • AN-124 Ruslan
    AN-124 Ruslan

This system is technologically interfaced with SLC of Oboronlogistics and allows to run all business processes carried out by officials in the preparation and implementation of a specific cargo flight, aircraft operation, minimizing operational, meteorological and financial risks, preparation and provision of operational and analytical reporting.

The system allows to carry out a full cycle of budgeting of complex cargo transportation, do calculations specific for aviation, reports, maintain operational documents, carry out dispatching of all flights, visualization of business processes related to air cargo transportation, make all reciprocal payments with contractors, maintain information on the crew taking into account international norms and requirements for cargo transportation.

The main flights of the company are non-standard international flights with non-standard cargo.

Our projects
The Company has developed and implemented the first project of full-service multimodal air transportation using a new development — IT service for monitoring and management of air transportation ALISA.
The first draft of the integrated transportation
comprehensive support of takeoffs and landings
at 16
aerodromes, including foreign ones
275 tons
of various cargoes, including oversize cargo
81 hours
total flight time
More than 77 000 km
length of the route, which is equivalent to two flights around the earth on the equator
Personal manager of Oboronlogistics personally accompanied the transported goods, providing information about the cargo transportation to the Customer in real time.