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10 November 2022
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A month ago, on October 9, 2022, the Caucasus – Kerch/Crimea ferry line resumed operation, on which the cargo and passenger ferries Maria and Lavrentiy belonging to Oboronlogistics LLC, capable of transporting passengers and large-capacity cars, are involved.

According to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, 7 ferries are currently operating on the line, which, as of November 9, 2022, have already completed 526 round trips, transported 27,970 passengers and 16,740 vehicles.

At the same time, most of all traffic on the Kerch ferry crossing was carried out by ferries Lavrentiy and Maria: 227 round trips were completed, 17,218 passengers and 11,291 pieces of equipment were transported. Socially significant food and non-food products, construction materials, pharmaceutical products are among the transported goods.

Before the launch of traffic on the Crimean Bridge in 2018, Oboronlogistics vessels had already delivered passengers and cargo from the port of Kavkaz to the port of Crimea and back. Knowledge of the route, trained crews and the serviceable condition of the vessels allowed Oboronlogistics to put the vessels on the line as soon as possible and provide transport links between the Crimean Peninsula and the Krasnodar Territory.

Each ferry of Oboronlogistics is capable of transporting up to 700 tons of cargo (including up to 20 Eurofours and more than 130 passengers) and can reach speeds of up to 12 knots. One ferry makes up to 6 round trips per day. The operation of the ferry is affected by weather conditions, as well as the need to comply with all safety measures. In favorable weather, the ferries Maria and Lavrentiy run on the shortest route: the port of Crimea – the port of Caucasus. When the wind increases, they are sent to the Kerch fishing port. The journey from the port of Crimea to the port of Kavkaz takes half an hour, and from the Kerch fishing port – an hour and a half.

LLC Oboronlogistics, having its own fleet of 9 vessels, is ready to solve strategic tasks in the future to ensure the maritime transport accessibility of the regions of Russia.