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Air Transport

"Oboronlogistics" LLC has an extensive experience in both domestic and international air transportation, has concluded agreements for air transport organization, provides a full range of transport support services, provides aircrafts freight using both domestic and foreign air carriers.

Specificity of the Company’s operations, geography of flights, experience in transportation of all cargo types, as well as comfortable prices for the transportation of commercial goods set apart the Company from its competitors.

Oboronlogistics is an exclusive charterer of the aircrafts of military transport aviation of the Ministry of Defense of Russia for the transportation of large-size cargoes, first of all production made within the state defense order and military-technical cooperation of the Russian Federation with foreign partners.

Air transport of "Oboronlogistics" LLC is serviced by its subsidiary company OBS-SERVIS. In addition to cargo carrying, "Oboronlogistics" LLC carries out passenger and cargo charter flights from Arkhangelsk (Talagi airport) to Novaya Zemlya (Rogachevo airfield).

Charter and semi-charter transportation of perishable, dangerous, oversize, heavy cargo
Air cargo delivery to hard-to-reach areas
Cargo shipping by regular flights
Direct contract services
Related services of OBL-SERVIS:
  • air and railway tickets sale, accommodation in hotels, insurance, transfer organization
  • charter and semi-charter transportation of perishable, dangerous, oversize, heavy cargo;
  • air cargo delivery to hard-to-reach areas;
  • cargo shipping by regular flights.
  • passing cargo delivery.

Due to direct contracts with the airports, Oboronlogistics provides the following services (in package and separately):

  • aircraft handling according to the individual customer requirements;
  • fuel supply, aircraft refueling;
  • organization of obtaining the permits for the foreign countries airspace overflight;
  • airport service;
  • ground handling of the aircrafts;
  • transfer to the hotel;
  • organization of accommodation in hotels in intermediate landing points;
  • providing in-flight meals to the crew and people accompanying the cargo;
  • customs clearance, customs information;
  • terminal handling of cargo at the airports of loading and unloading.
Direct contracts allow to:
  • simplify the workflow of the customer;
  • optimize expenses on services organization;
  • get a customized price conditions (discounts, decreasing coefficients).
Transportation process
Comprehensive service of regional AIR transportation
  • Flight preparation:
    Aircraft freight
  • Defining the optimal flight route
  • Compilation of engineering and navigational calculation
  • Obtaining in the Ministry
    of Foreign Affairs the approvals for the foreign countries overflight
  • Preparation of cargo documentation for customs authorities
  • Preparation of documentation for the cargo handling in airport terminals
  • Technical preparation for loading/unloading on the aircraft
  • Control of loading by a flight manager
  • During the flight:
    • Airport and ground handling
    • Fuel supply
    • In-flight meals supply
  • After the flight:
    Control of unloading by a flight manager
  • Clearance at the terminals of the airports
  • Accommodation in hotels
  • Preparation of accounting and other documents

This system is focused on the charter passenger and special cargo transportation, combines solution of operational tasks and air navigation calculations under single control loop, possibility of keeping records of ground operations. The system includes all the necessary elements of project and process management, allowing to perform operational planning and management of all business processes, controlling the risks, timing and budgets of each operation, including ground operations from the freighter to the concrete consignee and the entire document flow accompanying the cargo transportation. The system allows to optimize air transportation, which makes it possible to perform it in a short time.


(Scheme: Key destinations and any flights within the Russian Federation and 15 countries on the continents of Africa, Asia, South America).


"Oboronlogistics" LLC offers a full range of cargo and passenger aircrafts, from small (An-24, An-26 and L-410) for urgent cargo delivery, to the most load-lifting (IL-76, An-124) for the delivery of heavy and oversize cargo.

  • L-410
  • IL-18
  • IL-76 MD
    IL-76 MD
  • An-24 / An-26
    An-24 / An-26
  • AN-124 Ruslan
    AN-124 Ruslan