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6 December 2022
Chicken or egg?

Since November 2022, railway ferries of Oboronlogistics LLC have been regularly transporting especially valuable cargo – day-old chickens for Guryevskaya Poultry Farm LLC.

This is the only egg production enterprise in the Kaliningrad region that provides residents of the region with this type of product. The factory is actively developing, and currently the number of laying hens has been brought to 1 million 100 thousand chickens, and the productivity is up to 600 thousand eggs per day.

Before the introduction of sanctions restrictions by the EU countries, the factory's livestock was replenished mainly from abroad. Today, chickens are supplied by Russian producers, and the only way to deliver them to the Kaliningrad region is the Ust-Luga – Baltiysk railway ferry line.

The ferry takes 38 – 40 hours, the daily chickens can do without food and drink for the first 72 hours, but they need a special temperature regime in a special refrigerator truck that drives on the ferry. According to the transportation schedule, the chickens are hatched on the way, up to 65,000 chickens appear in one cargo batch. Air transportation cannot always provide all the necessary conditions. Thus, ferry delivery is the most optimal and reliable.

Taking into account the temperature overboard and the need for strict compliance with the transportation schedule, the specialists of Oboronlogistics promptly allocate transport places on the ferry. For their part, the Guryevskaya poultry farm and domestic suppliers of hatching eggs express interest in further long-term cooperation with Oboronlogistics LLC in the field of transportation in such an important area as ensuring food security of the Kaliningrad region.