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21 December 2022
The results of the work in 2022

The current year has turned out quite well for Oboronlogistics LLC. Despite the difficult geopolitical situation, the Company managed to maintain the trend of expanding the scope of activities and improving the quality of services provided. In 2022, the Company transported about 2 million tons of cargo (which corresponds to the result of 2021 and is almost four times more than in 2020).

In April 2022, the Government Commission for Improving the Sustainability of the Development of the Russian Economy under Sanctions included Oboronlogistics LLC in the list of system-forming organizations of the Russian economy in the field of maritime cargo transport.

The marine fleet of Oboronlogistics LLC, consisting of 9 vessels, continued to actively perform cargo delivery tasks in the waters of the Black, Mediterranean Seas and the Indian Ocean. Specialists of Oboronlogistics LLC noted a significant increase in the number of applications for sea transportation. This opened up new prospects for the company's activities in the direction of Syria, Iran, Turkey, India and China.

In 2022, Oboronlogistics focused on project sea transportation to the Middle East and Asia. This type of delivery is optimal for the transportation of heavy construction machinery and equipment, various metal structures, household blocks, agricultural machinery, pipes for drilling, wind turbines, etc.

The priority in the company's work in 2022 remained the operation of the Ust-Luga – Baltiysk ferry line connecting the Kaliningrad Region with the main territory of Russia. The carrying capacity of the line increased in 2022. There were 4 railway ferries operating on the line: Ambal, Baltiysk, Marshal Rokossovsky and General Chernyakhovsky. Also, the vessels of Oboronlogistics were sent there: Sparta and Sparta II. These measures were taken to expand the possibilities of transport communication with the Kaliningrad region due to difficulties in the transit of goods through the territory of limitrophs.

In October 2022, after the incident on the Crimean Bridge, the ferries of Oboronlogistics LLC Maria and Lavrenty resumed work on the Kerch-Caucasus line. Currently, both ferries operate flights between the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory, transporting passengers and heavy trucks. Before the Crimean Bridge was put into operation in 2018, Oboronlogistics vessels had already delivered passengers and cargo from the port of Crimea to the port of Kavkaz and back. Knowledge of the route, trained crews and the serviceable condition of the vessels allowed Oboronlogistics to put the vessels on the line as soon as possible and provide transport links with the Crimean Peninsula.

In 2022, the Novorossiysk – Tartus shipping line continued its active work. Oboronlogistics delivered commercial cargo to Syria on regular flights: construction machinery, industrial equipment, chemical industry products, fuel and lubricants. An increasing number of shippers began to send their cargoes by Oboronlogistics vessels to Syria for further transportation to neighboring countries. Thus, the port of Tartus has become a transit hub in the Middle East.
In the opposite direction, agricultural products were supplied from Syria, including shipments of olive oil on a regular basis. Under the sanctions, Russian companies in search of new suppliers have shifted from European markets to the markets of Asia and the Middle East. At the same time, new promising logistics chains have been built, including with the participation of universal bulk carriers of Oboronlogistics LLC.

In 2022, the company paid great attention to the digitalization of transportation on the basis of the Situational and Logistics Center Oboronlogistics, which uses both its own developments and software from other Russian companies in its work. This guarantees safe operation in the face of sanctions and various restrictions from Western manufacturers. The upgraded software module "Ship applications" has been installed on automated workstations on the ships of LLC Oboronlogistics, as well as the functionality of the module "Dispatching Messages" has been updated.

In 2022, the Oboronlogistics Group of Companies carried out a number of complex multimodal transportation of various medical equipment and humanitarian goods. The main advantages of transportation performed by Oboronlogistics Group are the responsibility of the carrier and the efficiency of transportation, the possibility of delivering goods "door to door", a full range of logistics services, including freight forwarding services.

Thus, in 2022, Oboronlogistics LLC closely monitored the development of the general geopolitical situation, followed the recommendations of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, distributed the growing cargo traffic to the company's vessels in order to maximize the efficient and safe use of the transportation capabilities of its fleet in the interests of state and commercial customers of the Russian Federation.

The results of the year ending have shown that in any conditions and circumstances, Oboronlogistics LLC is a reliable team of high-level professionals ready to solve strategic tasks to ensure the transport accessibility of the regions of Russia in a timely, reliable and high-quality manner.
In the coming 2023, Oboronlogistics LLC will be glad to see you among its partners and customers!