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24 April 2023
The Return of the Ursa Major

Ursa Major – the largest cargo ship of the Oboronlogistics fleet engaged in commercial transportation in Asia has returned from a long voyage.

The vessel safely crossed the Indian Ocean, piracy-prone zones, the Suez Canal and the Bosphorus and arrived at the Russian Black Sea port for scheduled maintenance before embarking on a new voyage.

In total, the ship was at sea for 5 months. Throughout the entire route, the specialists of Oboronlogistics and the crew of the vessel successfully performed all tasks of cargo delivery, compliance with the technical serviceability of the vessel and replenishment of its reserves in various points of the world ocean.

The coordination of the movement of Ursa Major was carried out by the Situational Logistics Center (SLC) of Oboronlogistics. The SLC operating system processes information and allows you to plan transportation taking into account weather conditions, sea traffic, the condition of ships and the capabilities of the port infrastructure.

Ursa Majoris a universal cargo vessel of the RO–RO/LO-LO class (horizontal and vertical loading), designed for the transportation of goods of various classes: general cargo (including oversized), containers with a volume of more than 800 TEU, heavy machinery (passenger cars, etc.). The vessel is equipped with two cranes with a lifting capacity of 350 tons each, which positions it as a heavy cargo ship. The length of the vessel is 142 m, width – 23 m, draft – 7 m, speed – up to 14 knots.

Ursa Major has large experience in project transportation in Asia and in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. The design of the bulk carrier is optimal for transporting heavy construction machinery and equipment, various metal structures, pipes, wind turbines, etc. In addition, powerful ship cranes allow for rapid unloading independently, including on an unequipped shore.