Status confirmed - the press center of the company "Oboronlogistics"
27 April 2023
Status confirmed At the end of April 2023, the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, after conducting an inspection, confirmed the status of Oboronlogistics as a shipping company and issued a document on the compliance of the security management system (SUB) of Oboronlogistics with the requirements of the International Code for the Management of Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention (ISM Code).

The certificate of the status of a shipping company is issued for a period of five years, and is confirmed annually. Oboronlogistics received its current certificate in April 2021.

Oboronlogistics owns various types of sea vessels with an unlimited navigation area, carrying out sea transportation in the interests of the Russian Ministry of Defense and commercial customers around the world, as well as a large fleet of containers.

In addition, Oboronlogistics operates on two ferry lines:

on the Ust-Luga - Baltiysk railway ferry line, it performs the functions of an operator, responsible for the operation of ferries designed to transport railway wagons, trailers, trailers and other rolling equipment;

on the ferry line Crimea – Caucasus provides its own vessels with the delivery of rolling equipment, increasing the capacity of the transport crossing through the Kerch Strait.

Oboronlogistics constantly monitors the serviceability of its fleet vessels, the fulfillment of instructions by crew members, compliance with the rules of safe operation of ships and prevention of environmental pollution. A modern ballast water treatment system has been installed on the company's vessels, which reduces the risks of biological contamination.

Coordination of the movement of vessels is carried out by the dispatching department of Oboronlogistics together with the Situational Logistics Center (SLC) of the company. The SLC operating system processes information and allows you to plan transportation taking into account weather conditions, sea traffic, ship condition, and port infrastructure capabilities.