Traffic volumes in April 2023 - the press center of the company "Oboronlogistics"
3 May 2023
Traffic volumes in April 2023

Oboronlogistics summed up the results of the sea transportation carried out in April 2023. The April figures exceeded the March ones, continuing stable growth.

1. The ferries Maria and Lawrentiy, involved in the line Crimea – Caucasus, made 400 round trips, transported more than 16,000 vehicles (1,000 more than in March 2023) and about 20,700 passengers (2,000 more than in March 2023 G.).

The ferries Ambal, Marshal Rokossovsky and General Chernyakhovsky, operating on the Ust-Luga – Baltiysk railway ferry line, delivered 709 units of rolling equipment with 12,000 tons of cargo to Kaliningrad, as well as 1,338 wagons (almost 150 wagons more than in March 2023) with 77,540 tons of cargo (which is 7,000 tons more than in March 2023), including:

fuel  – 45,504 tons;

construction materials – 17,215 tons;

fertilizers – 7,307 tons;

other cargo – 7,514 tons.

The return from the repair of the Baltiysk railway ferry has been temporarily postponed. However, the ferries Ambal and Marshal Rokossovsky each made 1 more round trip than last month.

The volume of transportation on the ships Sparta and Sparta II, involved in the container line St. Petersburg – Kaliningrad, also increased. These vessels transported about 22,500 tons of cargo (which is 4,000 tons more than last month), including:

containers – 1,228 units . (15,556 tons);

rolling equipment – 226 units . (5,218 tons);

general cargo – 1,707 tons.

The next round–trip Novorossiysk – Tartus - Novorossiysk of the cargo ship Sparta IV belonging to Oboronlogistics has been completed. The second batch of humanitarian aid has been delivered to Syria for residents of the Syrian provinces affected by the earthquake, chemical industry products, construction materials, technical equipment, and automotive equipment from Belarus. In the opposite direction, the cargo ship delivered another batch of olive oil, as well as power generators that have worked their time.