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19 May 2023
And we'll find a place for the sheep

Ferries operating on the Ust-Luga - Baltiysk railway ferry line regularly transport not only food, fuel, lubricants and construction materials, but also domestic livestock and other animals. During the voyage, animals are in the holds on special tractors/cattle carriers and are accompanied by freight forwarders.

So in May 2023, ferry «Marshal Rokossovsky» delivered from the Kaliningrad Region to Ust-Luga a herd of 50 breeding sheep of the Dorper breed, which were presented from the Kaliningrad region at the XXIII Russian Exhibition of Breeding Sheep and Goats in the Republic of Dagestan from May 16 to 19, 2023.

Previously, ferries delivered shipments of red deer from a nursery in the Kaliningrad region, day-old chickens, as well as circus animals (tigers, lions, dogs, elephants and camels). All animals arrived at their destination on time and without complaints from the customer.

Currently, due to the sanctions imposed by the European Union, ferry transportation is the only way to transport animals and cattle between Kaliningrad and the main territory of the Russian Federation.

The operational interaction of the Ministries of Infrastructure Development and Agriculture of the Kaliningrad region, Oboronlogistics and its linear agents in the ports of Ust-Luga and Baltiysk contributes to the preservation of the active and full participation of the Kaliningrad Region in the social and economic life of the country, the development of agriculture in the region.