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15 June 2023
Sparta IV: without a break

In order to ensure the safety of human life at sea, the reliable transportation of goods, and the prevention of environmental pollution, authorized structures conduct an inspection of ships (initial, annual, intermediate, regular, etc.) for their compliance with international requirements. If the vessel does not comply, it will lose its class and cannot carry out transportation.

According to the available permits, the Sparta IV must undergo an inspection in the dock by the end of June 2023, which could distract the ship from work for a long time. Due to the large involvement of the vessel, in agreement with the Russian Classification Society, the inspection of the Sparta IV was carried out at the home port. For this purpose, on June 9, specialists of the Marine Rescue Service with the involvement raid boat performed a diving inspection of the underwater part of the hull of the Sparta IV, within the framework of which the following were examined:

the hull of the vessel itself;
rotorcraft complex;
outboard openings and bottom-side fittings;
paint and varnish coating.

According to the results of the inspection, the classification documents of the Sparta IV have been extended for 3 months, which will allow the vessel to continue working non–stop on the Novorossiysk - Tartus line.

The line meets the needs of government and commercial customers for the delivery of goods to the Syrian Arab Republic, including within the framework of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. Under the conditions of Western sanctions and import substitution, there is an increase in the volume of traffic in both directions, an influx of new customers and an increasing interest in the Middle East.