The show goes on - the press center of the company "Oboronlogistics"
27 June 2023
The show goes on

The circus tent, whose red dome is familiar to every resident and guest of Kaliningrad, continues its active touring activities in the exclave region.

In the near future, the circus will present a new large-scale show with a grandiose program with the participation of the white tigers attraction, prepared by the artists of the Russian state circus and the Moscow Circus Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. According to the organizers, the project has great cultural significance and increases the attractiveness of the Kaliningrad region in the summer tourist period.

In the conditions of the actual transport blockade of Kaliningrad, committed by limitrophs, as always, Oboronlogistics comes to the rescue. From Ust-Luga to Baltiysk, the ferry Ambal transported several semi-trailers with circus props, tigers, monkeys, horses, dogs and luggage of artists. All valuable cargo is delivered in advance: adaptation of animals, equipment setup, rehearsals and training before the start of performances are ahead.

Last year, Ambal already transported four-legged artists of the touring circus to Kaliningrad with the Bengal Tigers program. Previously, Oboronlogistics ferries delivered animals in the interests of agro-industrial holdings, nature reserves and farms in Russia, as well as circus animals, including dolphins, lions, bears, fur seals, elephants and camels. All of them stayed on time, without complaints from the customer and pleased the residents of the region with their performances.