June: stable as always - the press center of the company "Oboronlogistics"
3 July 2023
June: stable as always June: stable as always

Oboronlogistics summed up the results of the sea transportation carried out in June 2023. The June indicators remained at the level of May, demonstrating not a decrease, but rather an increase in a number of indicators.

1. Oboronlogistics ferries Maria and Lawrentiy, involved in the line Crimea – Caucasus, made about 405 round trips, transported about 18,000 vehicles (2,000 more than last month) and about 23,000 passengers (3,000 more than last month). In early June, the ferry "Lawrence" returned to the line, after carrying out scheduled annual maintenance. Summer weather in Crimea favors ferry navigation.

2. The ferries Ambal, Marshal Rokossovsky and General Chernyakhovsky operating on the railway ferry line Ust-Luga – Baltiysk transported 105,780 tons of cargo (in total), the same as last month. 742 units of rolling equipment (11,380 tons of cargo), as well as 1,281 wagons (75,200 tons of cargo) were delivered to Kaliningrad by ferries, including:

fuels and lubricants – 32,600 tons;
construction materials – 22,260 tons;
fertilizers – 12,600 tons;
food products – 473 tons;
other cargo – 18,647 tons .

From Kaliningrad – 653 units of rolling equipment (12,100 tons of cargo), as well as 1,096 wagons (7,100 tons of cargo), including:
construction cargo – 5,200 tons;
food products – 865 tons .

3. The vessels Sparta and Sparta II, involved in the container line St. Petersburg – Kaliningrad, transported 23,166 tons of cargo (this is 3.5 tons more than last month), including:

containers – 1,364 units . (17,171 tons);
rolling equipment – 213 units . (5,062 tons);
general cargo – 933 tons .

4. Bulk carriers Sparta IV and Pizhma returned from the June round–trip Novorossiysk – Tartus - Novorossiysk. A batch of commercial cargo was transported to Syria, which included industrial chemicals, carbon-containing materials, base oils, and prefabricated construction cargo. A batch of olive oil was delivered back to Novorossiysk. Specialists of Oboronlogistics note a steadily increasing interest in this area among commercial customers.