July has gone up - the press center of the company "Oboronlogistics"
2 August 2023
July has gone up

Oboronlogistics summed up the results of the sea transportation carried out in July 2023. The July figures exceeded the figures of the previous month, demonstrating active work and growth in a number of strategic areas.

1. The ferries Oboronlogistics Maria and Lawrence, involved in the line Crimea – Caucasus, made about 366 round trips, transported 17,298 vehicles and about 40,000 passengers. After the emergency and the introduction of restrictions on the Crimean Bridge on July 17, 2023, passenger traffic on the line doubled. Passengers boarding ferries is carried out according to the technical characteristics of the vessels and the number of individual and collective rescue equipment. The operation of the ferry is suspended at night.

2. Ferries Ambal, Baltiysk, Marshal Rokossovsky and General Chernyakhovsky, currently operating on the Ust-Luga – Baltiysk railway ferry line, transported 122,900 tons of cargo (there and back in total), this is 17,120 tons more than last month. On July 17, the Baltiysk ferry entered the line after a long break. In addition, the ferry General Chernyakhovsky made one more round trip than last month.

846 units of rolling equipment (12,000 tons of cargo), as well as 1,565 wagons (87,000 tons of cargo) were delivered to Kaliningrad by ferries, including:
fuel and lubricants - 33,000 tons;
construction materials – 26,700 tons;
fertilizers – 15 100 tons;
food products – 720 tons;
other cargo – 11,480 tons.
From Kaliningrad – 730 units. rolling equipment (14,400 tons of cargo), as well as 1,200 wagons (9,900 tons of cargo), including:
construction cargo – 7,900 tons;
food products – 1,500 ton.

3. The vessels of Defense Logistics Sparta and Sparta II, involved in the container line St. Petersburg – Kaliningrad, transported 23,308 tons of cargo (this is 142 tons more than last month), including:
containers – 1,407 units (18,238 tons);
rolling equipment – 176 units. (3,833 tons);
general cargo – 1,237 tons.