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8 August 2023
Pizhma on the way to new achievements

In December 2022, the General Director of Oboronlogistics LLC decided to involve ship Pizhma the in the transportation of nuclear materials (s), radioactive substances (RV) and radioactive waste (RW).

The design of the dry cargo ship Pizhma is ideal for transporting cargo of all hazard classes, including radioactive (Class 7). The ship has a deck for containers and general cargo, two holds, one of which is equipped for the transportation of nuclear fuel waste.

In February 2023, scheduled repairs of the main engines, the screw-steering complex, replacement of metal structures, painting of the vessel's hull, installation of a new ballast water treatment system, maintenance of cargo crane control systems, work on bottom-outboard fittings were carried out, the next inspection of the ship's mechanisms was carried out, new classification and registration documents.

In April 2023, additional equipment was purchased for the ship, and some crew members received special training. In May 2023, the specialists of the certification body in the nuclear industry conducted an audit on the ship and confirmed that the transportation was organized at a high level and met the requirements of international standards for the transportation of nuclear materials (NM), radioactive substances (RV) and radioactive waste (RW). As a result of the inspection, a certificate of operation of the vessel was issued, certifying that the provision of services complies with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015.

And on July 28, 2023, the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport issued a license allowing the transportation of all types of dangerous goods, including radioactive (hazard class 7), on the Pizhma.

The next step on the way to work related to the maritime transportation of nuclear power plants, RV and RW will be passing an examination and obtaining a license for the right to transport radioactive substances of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision. After that, the vessel will be able to start transporting cargo of hazard class 7.