A year on the ferry - the press center of the company "Oboronlogistics"
10 October 2023
A year on the ferry

October 9, 2023 marked one year since the resumption of the work of the ferries Oboronlogistics Maria and Lawrenty on the line Crimea – Caucasus.

Currently, only passenger cars are moving along the Crimean Bridge, and freight transport with perishable goods and essential goods, as well as regular passenger buses are carried by Maria and Lavrenty.

During the year of operation on the line, Oboronlogistics ferries made about 4,000 round trips in total, transported back and forth more than 180,000 vehicles and more than 300,000 passengers. This is almost 90% of the total volume of traffic carried out at the Kerch ferry crossing.

Ferries Maria and Lavrenty worked on the line Crimea – Caucasus before the commissioning of the Crimean Bridge from 2015 to 2018, and in October 2022 resumed their work. They are designed for the transportation of large-capacity vehicles, can accommodate up to 700 tons of cargo, including up to 20 trucks and more than 200 passengers. Ferries take from 25 minutes to cross the Kerch Strait.