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13 October 2023
Maria is in business

Due to the fact that traffic on the Crimean Bridge is now carried out only by passenger cars, and cargo transport with essential goods and regular buses are transported by ships through the Kerch ferry, the ferries Oboronlogistics Maria and Lavrenty make more than 150 flights in total and transport more than 3.5 thousand vehicles per week.

In order for the vessels to work in such a busy schedule, the specialists of Oboronlogistics make every effort every day to maintain the vessels in technically sound condition.

However, each vessel is required to undergo an inspection by inspectors of classification societies (initial, annual, intermediate, regular, etc.) for compliance with international requirements. If the vessel does not meet them, then the class is removed from it, and it cannot carry out transportation.

According to the available permits, the ferry Maria had to undergo an inspection in the dock to confirm the class by October 10, 2023, which could distract the ship from work for a long time.

Thanks to the support of the Federal Agency for Sea and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot), in order to prevent congestion of vehicles in ports and inconvenience to drivers and passengers, the FAA Russian Classification Society (RCS) agreed to postpone the date of inspection of the ferry Maria in the dock.

To do this, RCS inspectors in the port of Kerch checked the condition of the vessel, emergency rescue equipment, radio navigation equipment and ship mechanisms. According to the results of the inspection, the classification documents of the ferry Maria were extended for another 3 months, which will allow the vessel to continue working non–stop on the line Crimea - Caucasus until January 10, 2024.