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19 October 2023
Ferries – agronomists

Ferries operating on the Ust-Luga – Baltiysk sea line have started autumn-winter transportation of bulbous and deciduous plants to the Kaliningrad Region.

Deliveries are carried out once a week to meet the needs of residents of the region in potted plants, plants for open ground, as well as for the needs of urban economy, including in the framework of landscaping streets, zoo and school grounds in technologically optimal time for planting.

Autumn planting creates the necessary conditions for the greatest survival of seedlings: in the new season they will grow faster. Bulbous flowers are also better planted in winter – this guarantees their early awakening and abundant flowering in spring.

In 2023, the delivery of such cargo by land route became impossible, since even plants are included in the sanctions lists of the European Union. Transportation is carried out from the main territory of Russia to the region on special vehicles that are loaded onto ferries.

Due to the need to maintain the temperature regime during the transportation of plants, cargo delivery by alternative vessels (container transportation) is excluded, and transshipment in the port increases the risks of plant death.

The operational interaction of the Ministries of Infrastructure Development and Agriculture of the Kaliningrad region, Oboronlogistics and its linear agents in the ports of Ust-Luga and Baltiysk contributes to ensuring the preservation of the completeness of the economic, social and cultural life of the enclave, as well as the active development of agriculture in the region.