Preening of Sparta IV - the press center of the company "Oboronlogistics"
27 October 2023
Preening of Sparta IV

The newest and fastest cargo ship of Oboronlogistics Sparta IV (built in 2018) is undergoing its first overhaul in the scope of the next inspection in the dock.

For 6 years, the vessel has been working properly in the southern and northern directions, went to Syria, India, was involved in the delivery of goods to Arctic points as part of the Northern delivery.

Currently, repairs are being carried out on the vessel in the scope of the next inspection under the supervision of specialists of the FAA Russian Classification Society, including:

maintenance of main and auxiliary mechanisms;
maintenance and repair of cargo cranes;
diagnostics and repair of the screw-steering complex;
cleaning from fouling;
painting of the underwater and surface parts of the hull;
repair of bottom-intake fittings;
inspection of emergency rescue and fire-fighting equipment of the vessel.

When the repair work is completed, mooring and sea trials will be carried out, the vessel will receive new classification documents and will resume performing tasks related to guaranteed cargo delivery.

The cargo ship Sparta IV specializes in the delivery of general, containerized cargo, and also carries out the transportation of goods requiring special conditions, including perishable products, dangerous goods, cars, heavy construction equipment and oversized cargo.