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23 November 2023
Pontoon boats will be

Since 2017, Oboronlogistics LLC has been carrying out Northern delivery in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and commercial customers. During this time, the company's forces delivered more than 150 thousand tons of cargo to the Arctic points, including food, medicines, machinery, fuel and lubricants and construction materials. About 12 thousand tons of obsolete equipment and scrap metal were exported in the opposite direction as part of the Arctic cleanup program.

Not all Arctic points are equipped with port facilities. During the implementation of the Northern delivery, the specialists of Oboronlogistics regularly face difficulties due to the lack of raid watercraft for unloading operations on an unequipped shore.

To solve these problems, in November 2023, Oboronlogistics signed an agreement with a private engineering company focused on the development of high-quality high-tech design products in the field of shipping, for the design of its own pontoon boats. These vessels will allow Oboronlogistics to deliver cargo to the most remote points of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

After the development of design documentation, Oboronlogistics will place an order for the construction of two vessels at one of the domestic shipyards. The project implementation period expected by the specialists of Oboronlogistics is July - August 2024.

The dies will be built according to an individual project and will not repeat any of the existing prototypes. The specialists of Oboronlogistics studied many years of experience in the operation and operation of such watercraft during the implementation of the Northern delivery, which will be taken into account when designing.
The design and load capacity of each die will allow transporting heavy construction equipment or two twenty-foot containers with unloading on shore without the use of crane equipment. The vessels will be equipped with a ramp and a special device for rolling out containers.

In addition, the design will take into account the technical features of the fleet of Oboronlogistics. The pontoon boats will be delivered to the place of work together with the main cargo on Oboronlogistics own vessels, on which special keel blocks will be installed to accommodate raiding watercraft.