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23 November 2023
Sparta II is back on line

The universal cargo ship Oboronlogistics Sparta II returned to the container line St. Petersburg - Kaliningrad after undergoing scheduled repairs as part of an interim inspection by the Russian Classification Society.

Repairs were carried out at the Gunboat Ship Repair Plant in St. Petersburg from November 10, 2023. Maintenance of all the ship's mechanisms, including cargo cranes and the propeller-steering complex, was carried out. In addition, a new modern communications complex has been installed on the ship, working with the Russian satellite constellation.

The Sparta II vessel has been operating on the line since October 2022 and during this time has transported back and forth more than 150,000 tons of cargo: 1,300 pieces of equipment, 7,000 containers and 7,000 tons of general cargo.

Sparta II has a cargo hold and decks to accommodate containers and rolling equipment. The presence of ship cranes and a stern ramp allows cargo handling both vertically and horizontally. The length of the vessel is 121.7 m, width – 18.7 m. At maximum load, the Sparta II has a deadweight of 8000 tons, a draft of 7 m and a speed of 11 knots.

The short-term absence of Sparta II did not lead to a noticeable decrease in cargo traffic between St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. Other Oboronlogistics vessels operating in the Baltic took the load on themselves.

For the transportation of containers on the line, please contact the Maritime Transportation Department of Oboronlogistics:

tel.: +7 (499) 608-89-93 ext. #3358, #3371