20 August 2019
Oboronlogistics delivers cargo to the Far East under the state contracts
The contracts were signed in accordance with the order of the Government of the Russian Federation.
19 August 2019
Sparta III is following the Northern sea route
The vessel operates a commercial sailing from Shanghai to Europe.
14 August 2019
Oboronlogistics took part in the preparation of the sea parade in St. Petersburg
The main naval parade has been held in St. Petersburg since 2017
14 August 2019
Oboronlogistics started the active phase of Northern delivery
Transportation is scheduled to be completed in October.
2 August 2019
"Sparta IV" goes to Novorossiysk
Previously  "Sparta IV" worked in the port of Vladivostok
30 July 2019
Andrey Nazarov appointed as the new General Director of Oboronlogistics
Andrey Nazarov established himself as a highly qualified specialist in crisis management.
19 July 2019
"Sparta" passed the classification examination
Ships are required to pass this inspection every five years to confirm the class of the vessel
15 July 2019
Oboronlogistics has launched a new Charter flight Arkhangelsk – Novaya Zemlya
Flights are performed on a high-speed and comfortable aircraft Tu-134A with a capacity of 30 to 60 passengers.
9 July 2019
Oboronlogistics creates a new container terminal in Golitsyno
New container terminal will provide round-the-clock services.
18 June 2019
Announcement: Oboronlogistics participating in the International military-technical forum ARMY-2019
Oboronlogistics invites all interested partners to visit its exposition and to discuss new ways of cooperation.
14 June 2019
Oboronlogistics receives a permit for the transportation of dangerous goods (ADR)
Obtaining the ADR certificate expands the possibilities of Oboronlogistics as a universal transport carrier.
29 May 2019
Oboronlogistics concluded state contract on delivery of cargoes in the Arctic
The cargo delivery is planned by the own fleet of Oboronlogistics.
26 April 2019
Oboronlogistics carried out the road transportation of the aircraft
The cargo had a complex alignment and the size of the cargo exceeded the standard capacity of roads.
17 April 2019
The results of Oboronlogistics participation in TransRussia 2019
The largest transport and logistics exhibition TransRussia 2019 was completed
12 April 2019
Announcement: Oboronlogistics participating in the International transport and logistics exhibition TransRussia 2019
TransRussia is the largest exhibition for Transport and Logistics services and Technologies in the region.
3 April 2019
Oboronlogistics received state contracts for the delivery of goods to Novaya Zemlya and Russian Far East
The delivery will be carried out by Oboronlogistics own fleet, as well as by vessels of companies-partners
21 February 2019
Oboronlogistics – the only provider of delivery services in the Arctic and the far Eastern region
Company is planning to deliver more than 16 600 tons of cargo to Arctic and Far East points.
6 February 2019
Oboronlogistics ships went on the long voyage
The route, successfully carried out by "Sparta III" opens new perspectives
28 December 2018
Oboronlogistics sums up 2018
During the year, the company has achieved significant success
26 December 2018
Oboronlogistics carried out the sea towing of the floating crane SPK-53150
SC NORTH-WEST subsidiary company of Oboronlogistics carried out the sea towing of the floating crane of the project 02690 SPK-53150 for the needs of the Northern fleet.