12 April 2019
Announcement: Oboronlogistics participating in the International transport and logistics exhibition TransRussia 2019
TransRussia is the largest exhibition for Transport and Logistics services and Technologies in the region.
3 April 2019
Oboronlogistics received state contracts for the delivery of goods to Novaya Zemlya and Russian Far East
The delivery will be carried out by Oboronlogistics own fleet, as well as by vessels of companies-partners
21 February 2019
Oboronlogistics – the only provider of delivery services in the Arctic and the far Eastern region
Company is planning to deliver more than 16 600 tons of cargo to Arctic and Far East points.
6 February 2019
Oboronlogistics ships went on the long voyage
The route, successfully carried out by "Sparta III" opens new perspectives
28 December 2018
Oboronlogistics sums up 2018
During the year, the company has achieved significant success
26 December 2018
Oboronlogistics carried out the sea towing of the floating crane SPK-53150
SC NORTH-WEST subsidiary company of Oboronlogistics carried out the sea towing of the floating crane of the project 02690 SPK-53150 for the needs of the Northern fleet.
19 December 2018
Oboronlogistics got the license of customs representative
The license of the customs representative gives advantage to the Company in providing comprehensive logistics services to the customers throughout Russia.
17 December 2018
Oboronlogistics expands opportunities in the field of warehouse logistics
The increase of the number of the points of acceptance, storage and transshipment of goods will optimize costs and increase the profitability of the group of companies.
26 November 2018
Oboronlogistics improves the management of road and rail transportation

The subsidiary OBL-SPETSTRANS is established within the group of companies Oboronlogistics. Its goal is to consolidate the management of road and rail transport, increase the share of multimodal and project transport, increase the level of planning...

19 November 2018
Oboronlogistics expands office in Arkhangelsk

New office of "Oboronlogistics" LLC has opened in Arkhangelsk in the building of Nothern Shipping Company at the address Naberezhnaya Severnoy Dviny st., 36, fl.9 (offices 6 and 7)

14 November 2018
Oboronlogistics improves the management of its fleet

In October 2018, as part of the reorganization of shipping companies OOO SK-ARKTIKA and SK-UG within the group of companies Oboronlogistics was established a subsidiary company OBL-Shipping with the aim of consolidating the management of all...

6 November 2018
Murmansk Coastal Terminal is created within the Group of companies Oboronlogistics

OOO Murmansky Kabotazhny Terminal (OOO MKT) was established on the basis of the property complex of the separate structural unit of OOO 1470 UMTO — infrastructural company included in the holding Oboronlogistics.

29 October 2018
Oboronlogistics develops a cargo terminal in Novorossiysk

"Oboronlogistics" LLC together with FGUP Glavnoe Voenno-stroitelnoe Upravlenie No.4 has started development of its own cargo terminal in Novorossiysk, s.Tsemdolina, Svobody st,1-a.

24 October 2018
Oboronlogistics replaced the motorship on Vladivostok-Magadan line

To ensure the continuous service on the Vladivostok-Magadan line OBL ORIENT LINE Oboronlogistics replaced the motorship Sparta IV for the chartered ice-class motorship Semyon Dezhnev.

22 October 2018
Oboronlogistics made a scheduled repair of the motorship Sparta II

Oboronlogistics motorship Sparta II had a planned dock repair and began delivery of commercial goods.

19 October 2018
Oboronlogistics at the VI International Forum "Arctic projects - today and tomorrow"
On October 18-19, 2018, the VI International Forum "Arctic projects – today and tomorrow", organized by the Government of Arkhangelsk region, NARFU named after M.V. Lomonosov and Association of suppliers for oil and gas industry "Sozvezdie" is held in Arkhange...
18 October 2018
The headship of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom and PAO Sovfraht visited SLC of Oboronlogistics
In October 2018 the headship of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom represented by the Deputy General Director of the State Corporation, head of the Northern Sea Route Directorate V.V. Rukshi and the headship of PAO Sovfraht in the person of the Chairman of the Board D.U....
15 October 2018
Oboronlogistics signed a contract for designing their own off-shore boats
"Oboronlogistics" LLC signed a contract with Rossiysky Rechnoy Registr to develop the design documentation of two self-propelled barges to ensure off-shore unloading on unequipped shore.
10 October 2018
Oboronlogistics celebrated a year since the opening of the flight connection between Arkhangelsk and Novaya Zemlya

A year ago the company Oboronlogistics opened a flight connection between Arkhangelsk and Novaya Zemlya. On October 9, 2017, the first flight Arkhangelsk — Rogachevo settlem.(Novaya Zemlya) — Arkhangelsk was carried out. Charter flights from...

9 October 2018
Oboronlogistics and Gruzavtotrans signed a cooperation agreement

Association Gruzavtotrans and "Oboronlogistics" LLC signed a cooperation agreement providing for the information exchange, cooperative handling with the issues in road transportation of military and special purpose products, common activities.