Железнодорожные перевозки
Rail transportation
A promising area of activity for Oboronlogistics is the provision of a complex of freight forwarding services for the carriage of goods by rail throughout Russia, as well as to CIS countries and abroad. One of the main advantages of rail transportation is reliability and low cost of delivery over medium and long distances.
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"Oboronlogistics" LLC maintains partnership relations with the leading transport companies: OOO Sfera Plus, OOO Tsentr Zheleznodorozhnykh Tekhnology Negabarit, etc.

All possible transport and forwarding services are performed. Transportation of goods of various hazard classes in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad is carried out by rail. Multimodal transportation across Russia, including the most remote places and the Arctic Circle is also offered.

"Oboronlogistics" LLC offers services for the carriage of the following goods:

  • heavy;
  • oversized and lengthy;
  • bulky;
  • cohesive products;
  • liquids;
  • equipment, various devices.

"Oboronlogistics" LLC actively develops complete customer service. It offers services for the organization of rail transportation within the country and abroad.

As part of complete services, "Oboronlogistics" LLC offers:

  • preparation of permits;
  • development of the scheme of placement and fastening of cargoes on rolling stock;
  • organization of loading on trains taking into account the weight, size and hazard class of cargo;
  • providing and preparation of rolling stock;
  • the payment on tariffs of Russian Railways;
  • control over the movement of cargo, tracking along the entire route.

"Oboronlogistics" LLC organizes transportation of various cargoes: rolling equipment, large-capacity containers, production equipment, aircraft, etc. Cooperation with the key players of the railway business is performed, connections with the owners of railway trains have been established, so the efficiency of task solution, the continuity of the logistics process and the high quality of transportation are ensured. It is possible to carry out combined transportation with the involvement of other modes of transport — in each case an individual solution is selected taking into account the complexity of the task and the wishes of customers.